The Looks of the Week #112

Bem-vindos a mais um fabuloso post dos Looks da Semana! E, para começar com o pé direito, apresento-vos 5 looks deslumbrantes que apostam na sofisticação e na simplicidade do branco!  Cada look acentua a versatilidade desta cor com um toque súbtil de cor para adicionar vivacidade e interesse visual. Preparem-se para uma semana de escolhas difíceis, 5 looks com personalidade e charme. Agora cabe a cada um de vós, meus caros leitores, escolher o look favorito - uma tarefa difícil, dada a elegância inegável de cada outfit😁😁. Que esta semana seja repleta de estilo e inspiração!

Welcome to another fabulous Looks of the Week post! And to start things off on the right foot, I present to you 5 stunning looks that focus on the sophistication and simplicity of white!  Each look accentuates the versatility of this colour with a subtle touch of colour to add liveliness and visual interest. Get ready for a week of tough choices, 5 looks with personality and charm. Now it's up to each of you, my dear readers, to choose your favourite look - a difficult task, given the undeniable elegance of each outfit😁😁. May this week be full of style and inspiration!






  Então, digam-me lá qual é o vosso look preferido? Qual o dia da semana que preferem?

So, tell me what is your favorite look? What day of the week do you prefer?






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  1. In my opinion, all clothes look great on a beautiful and smart woman. However, if I had to choose one outfit, I would choose Tuesday. Besides, you have a beautiful spring! I will be in Porto in July, I think I will warm up. Have a nice May!

    1. Tuesday's look is very daring and sexy, I like it too! The weather in Porto will be good in July, I hope you enjoy your trip!

  2. Oh, I'm in love with the second one! <3

  3. You wear white so well and I don't even think I own anything white. Love how you mixed in those fabulous blazzars too..and such a sexy Tuesday outfit, as well. So great to see all this white inspiration! Thanks for your comments! Wishing you a beautiful May🌸🩷🌸

    1. Thanks Ellie, how come you don't have anything in white? it's a colour that brightens you up! I love all these outfits!

  4. Happy month of may :*!!
    I love how this outfits fit you. You know how to put them in the spotlight :).
    I think for my the first one wins the crown. I really really love the combination and I think It would suit me this kind of outfit.
    Hugs :*

    1. Thank you, I agree with you too. The first look should suit you very well! Cheers!

  5. Me gusta el del jueves. Te mando un beso.

  6. Lovely -Christine

  7. Thank you. Of course, I do many activities with my mum and cinema is always a good idea.

    Great outfits, I like them all. My favourite would be the one with the pink blazer, super beautiful <3
    Thanks, have a happy sunday

  8. I'm obsessed with the green blazer<3

  9. Viva o branco e as roupas coloridas! Um look mais bonito e incrível que o outro.

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está no ar cheio de posts novos e novidades! Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  10. The first outfit is really beautiful.
    I really like that green blazer....
    but all outfits are perfect.
    Spring has arrived on your blog.
    I love how you wear a lot of white now.
    White is perfect for Spring and Summer!

    1. I have a secret passion for white... and other colours too hahaha!!! The green blazer is really beautiful, even more so in live colour. The other day I went to the shopping centre and wore it and people kept asking me what brand my blazer was!!!


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