Look Nº 827 - Historical Compensation!

 Bem-vindos queridos leitores e amigos deste cantinho da blogsfera! Hoje, celebramos o Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas espalhadas pelo mundo. Este feriado nacional é um momento de reflectir sobre a nossa história e a contribuição de Portugal para o mundo. Peço a vossa especial atenção porque o tema deste post é um tema controverso e que divide as pessoas!

 Welcome, dear readers and friends of this little corner of the blogsphere! Today we celebrate the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities around the world. This bank holidays is a time to reflect on our history and Portugal's contribution to the world. I ask for your special attention because the subject of this post is a controversial and divisive one!

Foi a partir deste mar sem fim que vêm atrás de mim que, no séc. XV, Portugal se tornou na maior potência mundial. Descobrimos o Brasil, traçámos o caminho marítimo para a Índia e estabelecemos colónias em África e em partes da Índia.
It was from this endless sea behind me that Portugal became the world's greatest power in the 15th century. We discovered Brazil, charted the maritime route to India and established colonies in Africa and parts of India.
A partir deste mar, navegámos por todos os mares, levámos a nossa influência, a nossa língua a terras distantes. Trouxemos ouro do Brasil e escravos de África, acções que devem ser entendidas à luz do contexto histórico da época. Naquele tempo, a humanidade estava num estágio de desenvolvimento diferente do que estamos hoje. Não se deve julgar essas acções com os valores e entendimentos modernos, correndo o risco de estarmos a criminalizar a História. Hole, ninguém aceitaria escravizar um povo ou saquear os recursos naturais de um país, sem isso não fosse um crime!
From this sea, we sailed all over the world, taking our influence and our language to distant lands. We brought gold from Brazil and slaves from Africa, actions that must be understood in the light of the historical context of the time. At that time, humanity was at a different stage of development than we are today. We shouldn't judge these actions with modern values and understandings, at the risk of criminalising history. Today, nobody would accept enslaving a people or plundering a country's natural resources if it wasn't a criminal offence!

Recentemente, o nosso Presidente da República sugeriu que Portugal deveria indemnizar os países que estiveram sob o nosso domínio. Pessoalmente, sou contra esta teoria. Não acredito que seja justo pagar por acções cometidas há 5 séculos atrás. Eu não escravizei ninguém nem roubei o ouro de ninguém. Não faz sentido que eu, ou qualquer outro português, pague com mais impostos por erros da História!
 Recently, our President of the Republic suggested that Portugal should compensate the countries that were under our domination. Personally, I'm against this theory. I don't believe it's fair to pay for actions committed five centuries ago. I didn't enslave anyone or steal anyone's gold. It doesn't make sense for me, or any other Portuguese person, to pay more taxes for mistakes made in history!

Infelizmente, parece que o nosso Presidente já começou a indemnizar o povo brasileiro com o dinheiro dos portugueses, sem nos consultar. Recentemente, duas crianças brasileiras, gémeas, com atrofia espinhal foram tratadas em Portugal com o mais caro medicamento do mundo, o tratamento custou 4 milhões de euros. Estas crianças receberam tratamento prioritário, passando à frente de outras crianças portuguesas, alegadamente devido à influência do filho do Presidente que vive e trabalha no Brasil.
 Unfortunately, it seems that our President has already started compensating the Brazilian people with Portuguese money, without consulting us. Recently, two Brazilian children, twins, with spinal atrophy were treated in Portugal with the most expensive medicine in the world, the treatment costing 4 million euros. These children received priority treatment, ahead of other Portuguese children, supposedly due to the influence of the President's son who lives and works in Brazil.

Existem investigações em curso alegadamente sobre o possível favorecimento por parte do Presidente e do seu filho neste caso. Está claro que, de forma velada, o Presidente já iniciou uma forma de indemnização ao Brasil com este tratamento milionário. Está clarinho como esta água que vêm neste post, só não vê quem não quer. A indemnização histórica já começou!!!
There are ongoing investigations into possible favouritism on the part of the President and his son in this case. It's clear that, in a veiled way, the President has already initiated a form of compensation to Brazil with this millionaire treatment. It's as clear as the water in this post, only those who don't want to can't see it. The historic compensation has already begun!!!


Importante frisar que não sou contra as crianças que já lhes basta a doença grave que enfrentam. A minha preocupação é como a forma como o processo decorreu. Os portugueses não recebem o mesmo tratamento preferencial e, até os próprios médicos se manifestaram contra a maneira como tudo foi conduzido. Aliás, tendo em conta a teoria do nosso Presidente, estou seriamente a pensar em pedir uma indemnização ao povo sueco, porque na sua história de Vikings trouxeram para Portugal a doença grave de que padeço!! Vou mandar um mail ao meu Presidente para que inicie um processo contra o povo sueco!!!

Compensação Histórica, Sim ou Não? 


It's important to emphasise that I'm not against the children - the serious illness they face is enough for them. My concern is with the way the process has gone. The Portuguese do not receive the same preferential treatment, and even the doctors themselves have spoken out against the way everything has been conducted. In fact, given our President's theory, I'm seriously thinking of asking the Swedish people for compensation, because in their Viking history they brought the serious illness I suffer from to Portugal!!! I'm going to email my President and ask him to initiate proceedings against the Swedish people!!!


 Historical Compensation! Yes or No?




Thanks for reading!!!




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  1. Hermoso lugar. Me gusto tu atuendo. Te mando un beso.

  2. Oh, such complicated matters. It seems this generation is fated to cleanse us, although as a tax payer we get the wrong end of the stick. Here we have Hunter Biden's trial playing out like Movie of the Week. Some things we have to let go in history after all this time. It's hard to move forward with the past hanging over our heads. On the other hand, thanks so much for the fabulous photos of the sea and of course, what an amazing outfit you are sporting. Wishing you a great week. Thanks for the great Monday post!

    1. The role of human history is to teach us what not to repeat! Humanity and ideas have evolved over the centuries, what was once normal is now unthinkable, like slavery, just as in many centuries' time, what is normal today may be considered an aberration in the future, all because humanity is evolving, but sometimes it seems that we are going backwards!!! Thank you for your comment!

  3. Belos olhares e uma abordagem bem pertinente 👏😘🇵🇹

  4. This is a really interesting and complex topic which you explained really well and it's very important to put it in context of a completely different historical setting. On another note, both the photos and your outfit are beautiful.
    Julia x

    1. It really is a divisive subject! And they all think they're right! Thanks Julia!

  5. Political issues are always controversial.
    Reparations, compensation especially...
    I prefer not to comment on this...
    Nice outfit Marisa.

    1. I respect your decision not to comment, although I think we should have and defend our opinions!

  6. Political correctness... and other such thinks.... are sometimes so..

    Anyway. I like the outfit you used for this post :D. And the photos are wonderful.
    I think you have a great (dark) humour. :D I sometimes do the same. And .... I am not sure how this late compensations would actually help anyone.
    HUgs :*

    1. Exactly! You're absolutely right! The end of the text is black humour given the situation! If we're going to criminalize people today for what was done centuries ago, we're going to end up in situations like mine. My illness tells me that I have Viking blood running through my veins, but to ask the Swedes for reparations is ridiculous! Hugs!

  7. First of all, I love your look, very breazy and elegant at tge same time. As for the main subject of your post, I can onky say that history and politics always raise dissent and conflicts. In my opinion, compensaiting a nation or even a people in its largest understanding, makes sense if the first or second degree descendants of the victims are the ones receiving the compensations. I mean, if a land or good, was stolen to my Grand father, I can feel the repercussions because it had a direct influence on my upbringing and possibilities to live my life in a decent way but when generations and generations have passed since that wrong doing and especially since historically, there have been many other events influencing the evolution of things, it doesn't make any sense to compensate any of that. Italy is still paying Etiopia for its attacks during world war two but that is very recent, the children that were hurt in that period, are still alive, it wouldn’t make any sense for example if Romanian people were to ask compensations to Turkey for all the gold and richness they have plundered from their land for houndered of years. Even if the occupation of the Otoman empire endeed in 1897, since then there have been many other wars that have affected both parties and it would be impossible to ascertain the compensation due to any of the parts.
    I find that your president is exagerating, maybe he has a second purpose or maybe he is just out of his mind but your people has to do what any democracy allows any people to do, that is to choose someone else, more capable and less brain problematic.
    As for the second aspect, a donation has to be made volontariatly, that is your people had to agree by majority otherwise is just a mismanagement of funds...

    1. Your opinion is my opinion, history is there for us to learn from, it teaches us which dangerous paths humanity has already travelled and which we should avoid. Now I also agree that there should be war reparations, for example in the case of the war in Ukraine, Russia should pay war reparations for what it destroyed and for the lives that were lost! As for our President, he is overactive, sometimes too much so, and exaggerates. His father, during the dictatorship, was Governor of Mozambique, at the time Mozambique was a Portuguese colony, so let him step up and start compensating the Mozambican people with his own money, because he has money from Africa in his life! Thank you dear Flo for your comment!

  8. Beautiful pictures...you look stunning dear and I admire how you talked about such complicated issue :-)

    1. Yes, it's such a complicated issue that it's going to be discussed in our Parliament!

  9. The two-piece is great, you look beautiful in it.

    I have problems with a lot of things in the world at the moment. In my opinion, something is going wrong. We humans should be good to each other, not fight wars and be for peace. I know that's a different topic, but it concerns me.
    I hope that in Portugal everything goes a fair way for you people there.

    1. Thanks for your opinion, but this issue has divided the Portuguese! I'm also in favour of peace and I'm also very worried about the direction humanity is taking! We Portuguese are a very peaceful people, even too peaceful!!!

  10. Que conjunto maravilhoso!
    Gostei da estampa!


  11. Great styling! dresses are perfect for such hot days, especially if they are made of materials such as cashmere or cotton. The skin breathes perfectly in them.


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