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 Hoje, como sabem, assinala-se o Dia Internacional da Mulher! Sem querer cair na conversa cliché sobre, as ainda, desigualdades entre Homens e Mulheres, quero-vos falar sobre o que li, sobre este dia num blog, há uns anos atrás. A autora desse blog dizia sobre o Dia Internacional da Mulher que para ela, simplesmente, este dia não existia! Não fazia sentido assinalar a data porque tinha tudo na vida e não sentia nenhum tipo de discriminação face aos homens e, portanto, a data pura e simplesmente era um dia como outro qualquer!

Today, as you know, is The International Women's Day! Without wanting to fall into the cliché conversation about, still, inequalities between Men and Women, I want to talk to you about what I read, about this day on a blog, a few years ago. The author of this blog said about International Women's Day that for her, simply, this day did not exist! It did not make sense to mark the date because she had everything in her life and did not feel any kind of discrimination against men and, therefore, the date was quite simply a day like any other! 

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Ela alongava-se neste tipo de conversa e, de como a sua vida era maravilhosa blá blá blá!! Eu fiquei atónita com o que estava a ler, um texto pejado de egoísmo e que só demonstrava ignorância face à vida de muitas mulheres em Portugal e por esse mundo fora. Com certeza que se tratava de uma mulher que vive numa redoma de vidro numa dessas avenidas de Lisboa e, que desconhece o país real e... o mundo. Não me contive e escrevi-lhe em comentário tudo o que achei que ela deveria tomar conhecimento, já que não o demonstrava. Até hoje nunca me respondeu! E, é assim o mundo das mulheres das avenidas ricas de Lisboa! Eu estou bem, os outros que se lixem!!! Para todas as Mulheres deste país e de todo o mundo, um Feliz Dia da Mulher e, nunca deixem calar a vossa voz!!

 She continued with this type of conversation and how wonderful her life was blah blah blah !! I was astonished by what I was reading, a text full of selfishness and that only showed ignorance towards the lives of many women in Portugal and around the world. Certainly she was a woman who lives in a glass bell jar on one of those avenues in Lisbon, and who doesn't know the real country and ... the world. I didn't restrain myself and commented on everything I thought she should be aware of, since she was not showing it. To this day, she never answered me! this is the women's world in Lisbon's rich avenues! I'm fine, the rest of you f@ck of!!! For all the women of this country and all over the world, I wish you a Happy Women's Day and, never let your voice be silenced!!

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Blusa/Shirt: Twinset
Calças/Pants: Sandro Paris
Feliz Dia da Mulher 2021

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  1. Muito bela como sempre! Feliz dia da Mulher! 🌹
    São dias assim no meu estado
    Beijos e uma excelente semana :)

  2. Tão bonita mesmo, que conjunto mais diferente, um dia cheio de coisas boas
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  3. Geçtiğimiz aylarda cinsiyet eşitsizliği konusunda bir yazı yazmıştım ve dünya çapında kadın hakları konusunda ciddi problemler var. Gerçekten üzücü... Bu arada stilin harika:-) Mutlu haftalar, Türkiye'den sevgiler.

  4. Datas como esta são de máxima importância. Não só pelas conquistas que representam, mas também por toda a luta que continua a ser necessária. E tenho mesmo pena que algumas pessoas não entendam o conceito de empatia

  5. In Poland, we now have an absolutely difficult time for women. We must fight for the right to decide about ourselves and our body.

  6. Happy International Women's Day dear Marisa! You look wonderful. Those gold trousers are so chic. I always loved celebrating this day and I always congratulate it to all my friends. It is good to have a special day set to promoting women's health and general well being and I think women deserve to be celebrated. In addition, I think it is good we have both Men's Day and Women's day, because both genders deserve and need it. For me, both of these dates are about human rights and a good way of bringing awareness about different issues both men and women face in their lives. Sometimes men face discrimination and gender violence too. I think we must respect each other. I understand women who don't want to celebrate Women's day because they are tired of those feminists who don't believe that men's rights are human rights too. Often life isn't easy for men either, for example, men commit suicide more often than women and in Western countries more money is spent on treatment of feminine illnesses such a breast cancer than to treating prostate cancer- and many men die of prostate cancer, for example. Men sometimes do not get the medical care they need for many illnesses and depression. I know of many men who have committed suicide due to PTSP. Our family friend has committed suicide not long ago and my husband's health has been affected ever since because they were close friends. My problem with Western feminists is that they don't talk enough about problems that women in undeveloped countries face. For example, a woman living in a western country is less likely to end up homeless then a men- that's what statistics tell us. Most homeless people are men. Maybe this woman that didn't respond to you was thinking about that too, it doesn't mean her life is easy, she just might be tired of a kind of feminism that doesn't include women who don't dislike men. I don't know her or who she is, maybe she really doesn't have empathy but maybe she is just annoyed by modern feminism. I can understand people for whom this day is just another day or people who are tired of dates and celebrations in general even if I personally will always choose to celebrate 8th of March. I think we don't have the right to judge those women who don't want to celebrate. This woman, for example, may have been a victim of abuse by another woman- and often we are taught that women can't be abusers but this is not true. Unfortunately, many women abuse emotionally other women and bully them.

    I also think that we should not make assumptions. We need to understand that most women living in the world do not have the kind of access to medical care that we have in most western countries. Our medical systems aren't perfect but we are able to get some medical care, while many other women are not. I may complain about the paradoxes and inefficacy of our medical system but the fact remains that my life was saved by doctors more than once. This is a complex subject if you get to the bottom of it. I can understand both points of view, because I have lost many men in my family due to cancer and some men I knew have committed suicide. Life is hard for both men and women, hard in different ways. Only by love and dialogue can we hope to make this world a better place. I say yes to celebrating 8th of March and I hope we will make this celebration more inclusive with time but I also respect those who don't want to celebrate it.

    1. Thank you Ivana for your comment and for expressing your point of view so vehemently. But I assure you that this blog author just made reference to how wonderful her life was and she was not in the least concerned with the problem of women or men!!! But as you say and this I think is the most important: Only by love and dialogue can we hope to make this world a better place. Happy woman's Day!

    2. Yes, that is indeed possible. Some people (and women) are like that, they don't really think of the bigger picture. Have a lovely day!

  7. Linda de viver nesse look. Feliz dia internacional da mulher!
    Big Beijos,
    Lulu on the sky

  8. Feliz dia da mulher!!

    Boa semana.

  9. Wonderful outfit, loving the trousers :-D

  10. Te queda el look genial adoro la blusa. Te deseo un lindo día y te mando un beso

  11. You look fab! Love the gold pants and accessories!

  12. Que todos os dias sejam Dia da Mulher!

    Isabel Sá  
    Brilhos da Moda

  13. Yeah, I know that kind of women.... Belated happy Women's Day Marisa! You look gorgeous with those golden pants! How cool are they!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  14. I am loving the lace detail here, Marisa!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Happy (belated) women's day; Marisa!
    You look great in this outfit, it gives me 70' vibes and the color combo really suit you!
    About what that blogger said: well, to be honest (luckily) I've never experienced any discrimination for my being woman, but I know well how different can be the situation in the rest of the world!
    It seems pretty impossible to me that in 2021 someone couldn't know the situation of women behind her block!
    Probably she was just superficial and didn't tought what she was been writin'...

  16. Marisa que seu dia das Mulheres tenha sido incrível!
    O look está belíssimo!
    Beijos ♥

  17. Hola bonita, qué pantalones tan originales me han encantado, un besazo.

  18. Hola bonita, qué guapa y qué originales tus pantalones, me han encantado, un besazo.

  19. Beautiful pants and the blouse.
    Happy Woman Day! So proud being a woman.

  20. Olá!
    Sempre muito elegante e com escolhas de lugares ao ar livre para fotografar.


  21. Feliz Dia Internacional da Mulher. Muita saúde minha amiga.

  22. Sempre repleta de beleza e estilo


  23. Feliz Dia da Mulher atrasado para você, minha querida.

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA voltou do Hiatus de verão cheio de novidades e posts novos!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  24. those gold pants are awesome! :)

    It's a shame that the woman you wrote about didn't think about those less fortunate than her but it's good that in some ways some women don't feel discriminated against because of their gender, or unsafe, or unequal! it would be nice if we all felt that way!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue


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