Último dia do mês, dia do projecto Retratografia, yeah!!! E, o tema é HYGGE! Mas o que é isso? -perguntam vocês!! Digamos que é o segredo dinamarquês para a felicidade! Hygge é uma palavra dinamarquesa que não tem tradução para outras línguas.

Last day of the month, project day Retratografia (Portrait+Photography), yeah !!! And, the theme is HYGGE! But what is this? -you ask !! Let's say it's the Danish secret to happiness! Hygge is a Danish word that has no translation into other languages.

Os dinamarqueses têm bons salários, educação e saúde de qualidade e gratuitas, pouca corrupção e, apesar do clima, os dinamarqueses são um dos povos mais felizes do planeta. Parece que o segredo está nesta palavra Hygge, numa possível tradução é uma espécie de aconchego, foi precisamente esta ideia que pretendi transmitir com estas fotos. Mas, a palavra significa muito mais que esse aconchego, é uma verdadeira filosofia de vida.

Danes have good wages, free quality education and health, less corruption, and despite the weather, Danes are one of the happiest people on the planet. It seems that the secret is in this word Hygge, in a possible translation is a kind of coziness, it was precisely this idea that I intended to pass on with these photos. But the word means much more than this warmth, it's a true life philosophy.

Mas então o que é isso de Hygge?
- Pode ser um chá à lareira
- Um jantar com amigos à luz das velas.
- Ler um bom livro.
É algo para ser sentido! 

But then what is this about Hygge?
- It could be a tea by the fireplace
- A dinner with friends by candlelight.
- Read a good book.
It is something to be felt!

Então vamos ser Hygge através dos sentidos!!
Pode-se ser Hygge se adicionarmos a uma chávena de chá quentinho, mel!
Ouvir o som da lenha a arder na lareira!
O cheiro da nossa almofada de criança que nos remete para algo que nos transmite segurança.

So let's be Hygge through the senses !!
You can be Hygge if we add to a cup of warm tea, honey!
Hear the sound of burning wood in the fireplace!
The smell of our child cushion reminds us of something that gives us security.

Aquecer as mãos numa chávena de chá quente é super Hygge, tudo o que é artesanal e caseiro é Hygge!
A luz mais hygge é a luz vinda da lareira, luz a mais não é hygge!

Warming the hands in a hot cup of tea is super Hygge, all that is handmade and homemade is Hygge!
The most hygge light is the light coming from the fireplace, to much light is not hygge!

Hygge é uma filosofia de vida assente nos sentidos e na forma como vivemos as coisas!!
Acham que consegui transmitir esta atmosfera Hygge com estas fotos? Contem-me tudo nos comentários, vou adorar ler!!!

Hygge is a philosophy of life based on the senses and the way we live things !!
Do you think I recreate this Hygge atmosphere with these photos? Tell me everything in the comments, I will love to read !!!
Chávena/Tea-cup: Ohashi China - Made in Japan

Quanto aos blogs que ainda estão a participar, não sei bem dizer quem são, muitos desistiram, espero nomear os resistentes!!
Escrever Fotografar Sonhar - Natália Rodrigues
Jiji - Joana Sousa

As for the blogs that are still participating, I am not sure who they are, many gave up, I hope to name the resistants !!
Escrever Fotografar Sonhar - Natália Rodrigues
Jiji - Joana Sousa

Hope you like it!!! And keep reading..
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Rosegal Thanksgiving Day!


Thanksgiving Day with Rosegal.
Currently they have a promotion going on right now for their 
Don't forget to use their coupon code found in the banner. I know with all the 
Christmas decorations etc, we can forget to shop for gifts for our beloved family
members. But guess what?! 
You can do both! Shop for your Christmas decor and gifts all in one place.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we can't stop thinking about Christmas gifts.
On Rosegal, there's a variety of clothing, accessories that you can choose from.
They also carry home stuff which is adorable during this time of the year.

Top to bottom:
I have been on the hunt for some knee high boots like the picture above. 
It's call the Dual Buckle boots, which can be found HERE.
They can be paired with an all black outfit or light denim jeans and a 
white top and finally to finish off the look add a nice camel coat
to match the boots.

I love a good sturdy crossbody. Like this , chain green crossbody bag, which
is perfect to carry during a Thanksgiving dinner with the 
family or dinner date. I love this holiday season because it's the start
of a magical season like Christmas and all the seasons during November
and December. 

The second bag is a rivet jointed crossbody bag, a casual bag for 
that special person who's style is super casual but doesn't have time
to change accessories if invited to a dinner date after work. 

Next we have this lapel contrast trim blazer, perfect for that going to work
or for that working individual who knows that he/she will go visit their family
member for the holidays. I love love this blazer, it can easily be transformed from a
dressy outfit to blazer and jeans. 

Looking for that perfect gift you can give a teenager?
How about this ribbon bowknot fuzzy slippers? These
are always a hit because you can't go wrong with sleepwear or slippers.
These slippers are so beautiful, they have the bow knot detail which is
adorable and the fuzzy makes is super comfy and perfect to wear during
the cold winter months.

During Thanksgiving we love to indulge ourselves with delicious food. After all, it's that 
start of the holiday season. While we make the Thanksgiving dinner we can be listening
to Christmas music but why not while we are doing all of that, we wear  Christmas deer print sweater.
The print is very pretty and the "Merry Christmas" print on the back makes is very 
trendy and fun.

Last minute gift could be chocolates or a gift card,
but what about a nice Houndstooth bag. I love the style of this bag, which is perfect, it's 
not too big or small. Perfect for that special person who is adventurous and loves fashion.

ROSEGAL have prepared a coupon code for your guys!
Extra 22% off,
Use code :RGN20 


Rosegal: Top Recommendations!

R o s e g a l: Top Recommendations

Hello, as I said before, Rosegal is one of my favorite online stores and today I am very happy to bring my wishlist of the Rosegal Top-Recommendations products on the page, all these items have incredible discounts, and all direct links to the products They will be under the images.

    C O U P O N C O D E   

Extra 22% off, FOR ORDERS OVER 20USD, Use code :RGN20

1. Buttoned Plain Sweatshirt: This first item is very basic but I love it, I think it is a perfect gift for my boyfriend because it combines very well with everything and black is always a success.

2. Criss Cross Midi A Line Dress: When I saw this dress for the first time on the page I loved it, I am not much of using colors in my outfits and less the green color because it is not my favorite but this particular tone is beautiful. The dress this type of form that suits any type of body, it is also very elegant and can be used without problems for the holidays that approach with the month of December.

3. Stripe Graphic Casual Pullover Sweater: The other month is my boyfriend's birthday so I am looking for gift options for him, I chose this sweater because I like the color a lot and I feel it would fit him very well.

4. Christmas Snowman Greeting Print Removable Wall Art Stickers: I love Christmas, it is my favorite month after April (the month of my birthday), so I chose a couple of products that have to do with the era that is coming, such as these stickers that are beautiful, and can be pasted on glass or any surface.

5.Handmade LED Light Christmas Snowflake and Feather Dream Catcher: I have always wanted to have a dream catcher and if it shines better, so when I saw this do not hesitate to add it to my wish list.

6. Christmas Pattern Hanging Metal Candy Box: This is a box with Christmas motifs that can be used to store sweets but I would use it to store my accessories, rings, earrings, necklaces, or at least the ones I use more and I want to have more within reach.


Best Black Friday Sale with Rosegal!

Best Black Friday Sale With


Black Friday Crazy Sale on Rosegal.com - Best deals for him and her for clothing,
shoes and bags, accessories, hair, home and so much more.
Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Black Friday Sale is coming soon and since we it is the best opportunity to shop more for less, I wanted to share with you some good news on "Rosegal"
If you`re regular on my blog, you`ll know I written about them a several times, and with a good reason. This online shop have a huge variety of clothing, shoes and bags, accessories, hair and home decor. If you are not familiar with them, Rosegal is a online store, started by a group of friends who share a deep passion for fashion, both vintage and modern. They offer both styles of clothing, shoes and accessories, always trying to share their love for fashion and offer the best deals. 

Rosegal Black Friday Sale offers 12%-20% off depending on amount you spend, discount collections for Black Friday and Flush Sale which is the best deal (some of the items are over 60% off, but you must be quick, because it ends in less then 24 hours)!

This Faux fur cardigan is -32% off and it`s perfect for fall and winter. Besides this light khaki, it`s available in black, red wine and camel brown and features faux fur collar and batwing sleeves.
Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal
If you are looking for comfy hoodie that will keep you warm and cosy this Christmas, this is the great solution. This hoodie is -59% off and it`s available in three colors, dark gray, black and light gray. Christmas print on the sleeves and the hoodie will make you feel festive and keep you warm.
Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal
Speaking of holidays and comfy clothing, I`m positive your boyfriend would love this black hoodie which is -25% off and he can choose black or gray one. Perfect for the movie night at home during the Christmas break.
Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal
Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal
Rosegal also have a nice selection of clothing for plus size girls. This casual T-Shirt is -39% off and it`s available in four different colors. Really cute and perfect for running errands, working at home or just chilling in front of the TV. Sweetheart neck and the zipper makes it look more then just a regular T-Shirt.
Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal
If you are into bohemian style, you`ll love this dream catcher with lights, perfect for Christmas, but also it can be nice decor whole year around, right? Bohemian style and feathers are very trendy lately and it can be a cute, festive decor in the bedroom with it`s soft lights.

Last, but not least, Rosegal prepared a coupon code for my readers and friends:
Extra 22% off, FOR ORDERS OVER 20 USD - Use code: RGN20
Happy shopping!! 

Best Black Friday Sale With Rosegal

Look Nº 489 - You asked I answer!

Lembram-se do post em que vos pedi para me fazerem perguntas? São 20 perguntas que vocês me fizeram, hoje vou responder a 10! Espero que gostem!!

Remember the post where I asked you to ask me questions? There are 20 questions you asked me, today I will answer 10! Hope you like it!!
1- Pizza com ou sem ananás? (Hari Rari)
Se eu não fosse intolerante ao ananás, seria com ananás!!

2- Qual seria a viagem da minha vida? (Dora)
A Itália, como estudei história de arte, gostaria de visitar todas as obras que estudei, Itália é um museu a céu aberto.

1- Pizza with or without pineapple? (Hari Rari)
If I was not pineapple intolerant, It would be with pineapple!!

2- What would be the trip of my life? (Dora)
Italy, as I studied art history, I would like to visit all the art-pieces/buildings I studied, Italy is an open air museum.

3- Se tivesses a possibilidade de viver na história de um livro, por um dia, qual escolherias? (Andreia Morais)
Viveria na história da Elizabeth do livro Orgulho e Preconceito sem dúvida!!!

4- Qual a tendência de moda que você nunca se renderia? (Tayane Ribeiro)
Eu nunca usaria uma peça de roupa às bolinhas (poá), eu era criança quando a minha avó morreu e a minha mãe vestiu-me com vestidos pretos às bolinhas brancas, fiquei traumatizada com essa tendência!!

3- If you could live in the history of a book for a day, which would you choose? (Andreia Morais)
I would live in Elizabeth's story from Pride and Prejudice without a doubt!!!

4- What fashion trend would you never surrender? (Tayane Ribeiro)
I would never wear a polka dot garment, I was a child when my grandmother died and my mother dressed me in black polka dot dresses, I was traumatized by this trend!!

5-Quais seus planos/sonhos para o futuro? (Hey I'm with the Band)
Não faço planos, sonhos? gostava de chegar a número um nos blogs de Portugal, mas isso é só um sonho ahahhah!!!

6- Qual o ícone de moda é a sua maior inspiração? (Rafa Oliveira)
A Blaire do blog Atlantic-Pacific!

5-What are your plans/dreams for the future? (Hey, I'm with the Band)
I don't make plans, dreams? I would like to reach number one on blogs in Portugal, but this is just a dream ahahhah !!!

6- Which fashion icon is your biggest inspiration? (Rafa Oliveira)
Blaire of the Atlantic-Pacific blog!

7- Podendo passar um dia com uma pessoa famosa quem escolherias? (Inês)
O George Clooney, a Amal que me desculpe ahahahh!!!

8- Qual o seu filme favorito? (Lulu on the Sky)
O Paciente Inglês, adoroooo a história, os actores e o filme!!

7- Being able to spend a day with a famous person whom would you choose? (Ines)
George Clooney, Amal I'm sorry ahahahh!!!

8- What is your favorite movie? (Lulu on the Sky)
The English Patient, I love the story, the actors and the movie!!

9- Qual o meu prato favorito? (O pecado mora em Casa)
Leitão à Bairrada, Francesinha, não consigo escolher só um e, não posso comer nenhum ahahahh!!

10- Que três pedidos faria ao génio da lâmpada mágica? (Anete Oliveira)
Saúde para mim, diarreia crónica para os políticos corruptos e algum dinheiro para gastar e não para amealhar!!

9- What is your favorite food? (O pecado mora em casa)
Piglet à Bairrada, Francesinha (portuguese food), I can't choose just one and I can't eat any ahahahh !!

10- What three requests would you make to the magic lamp genie? (Anete Oliveira)
Health to me, chronic diarrhea for corrupt politicians and some money to spend and not to save!!
Sweater e Saia/Sweater and Skirt: Aqui/Here
Chapéu/Hat: Zara
Anéis e Brincos/Rings and Earrings: Parfois

Hope you like it!!! And keep reading..
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