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Na localidade onde vivo existe uma imagem da Nossa Senhora dos Caminhos, fica localizada num cruzamento de estradas. Em frente a ela, ou se vira à direita, ou segue-se em frente, ou ainda, se pode voltar para trás. Isto a propósito de algo que li no Facebook, alguém dizia que "nós somos as nossas memórias", metaforicamente o voltar para trás  e, "os caminhos que escolhemos"! O que discordo absolutamente!

In the place where I live there is an image of Our Lady of the Paths, located at a crossroads. In front of it you either turn to the right, or move on, or you can always go back. This is because I read something on Facebook, someone said "we are our memories", metaphorically going back and, "the paths we choose"! What I absolutely disagree with!

Acredito que para certos estratos da sociedade, ou dito de uma outra maneira, para algumas faces do poliedro, seja possível escolher caminhos, basta para isso um estalar de dedos que as portas abrem-se... os caminhos já estão desbravados prontos a serem percorridos de saltos altos! Para outras faces do poliedro não existem caminhos porque foram tomados pelas faces anteriores. Quando muito existem carreiros ( A formiga no carreiro de Zeca Afonso) e caminhos de pedra!
I believe that for certain strata of society, or to put it another way, for some faces of the polyhedron, it's possible to choose paths, just a snap of the fingers and the doors open... the paths are already opened up ready to be strolled in high heels! For other faces of the polyhedron there are no paths because they were taken by the previous faces. At most there are trails, and stone paths!

Ainda assim, acho que são as circunstâncias que nos define. Eu, por exemplo, não escolhi o caminho da doença! E, é esse que tenho para percorrer ou pela frente neste meu caminho de pedras! Quanto a outros caminhos, nomeadamente os do coração, a música da Bjork "Bacherolette" dá algumas pistas. Bacherolette significa solteira, mas não solteira por opção, solteira pelo acaso, pelas circunstâncias, ou por já ter passado tempo demais. O que as más linguas chamam de solteirona! Sou superior a isso tudo e ao que possam dizer!
 Still, I think it's the circumstances that define us. I, for example, did not choose the path of illness! And, this is what I have to go or ahead on my stone path! As for other paths, namely those of the heart, Bjork's song "Bacherolette" gives some clues. Bacherolette means single, but not single by choice, single by chance, by circumstances, or by have spent too much time. What bad languages call a old maid! I am superior to all that and what they can say!

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Vestido/Dress: Stine Goya


 Gostaram desta minha personificação de Senhora dos Caminhos?

 Did you like my personification of Our Lady of the Paths?


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  1. Yeah let them talk, let them say anything they like because people like to talk especially when they have nothing to say.
    You are brave and I really admire you! I also admire your dress BTW!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  2. Such a beautiful dress and I like how you style it with white boots. Amazing outfit and photos. That door give special vibe to photo.

  3. So pretty in pink. Well, I think there is a certain window of time for certain advances. Although, I feel society has a way of placing us in certain positions too. This might not be the case anymore, but decades ago I sensed there were certain individuals that wanted to see me a certain way. And I guess there is hope of some breaking away from this. Although, I do wonder if I would have been happy as a pre-school teacher. I never got to teach at the high school level. Thanks for this amazing Monday post! & I love Bjork!

  4. Nossa que lindo conjunto, adorei a escolha do seu lugar
    uma boa semana
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  5. Cruze os caminhos que cruzar, Está sempre bela e ao mais alto nível! :) 🌹
    Podem os pensamentos serem frios d'amor
    Beijo, e uma excelente semana.

  6. Verdade, muitas vezes os caminhos impõem-se à nossa vontade.
    Estás elegantíssima.

  7. Eu amei o seu look Marisa.
    big beijos

  8. Nice outfit MArisa,
    love the dress.


  9. Love these outfits! The boots are so chic x

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com/

  10. You look so beautiful in this dress. I hope you have a fabulous week!

  11. I absolutely love your dress and the bag is so cute!

  12. É bem verdade o que dizes. Os caminhos para alguns já estão aberto é só saber aproveita-los. Para outros, por muito que tentem, nenhum caminho se abre.

    Isabel Sá
    Brilhos da Moda

  13. Awesome look dear. It's true we all can in some way choose our paths- it always requires to being brave but I think it is worth to do it.

    Have a lovely day :-)

  14. Lovely dress and amazing boots. Great style.

    Thanks for your kind words. I have been so tired lately but hope to get back to blogging.

  15. Confesso que não conhecia o local!
    Gostei bastante do vestido!

    Ontem é só Memória | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

  16. Por vezes temos muitas encruzilhadas na nossa vida a que saber como lidar e qual o caminho a tomar :) Gosto do vestido. Não conheço esse local

  17. I always love to read your thoughts Marisa!!
    And that outfit is fabulous.

  18. Tens razão nisso dos caminhos! Gostei do look. :) Beijinhos
    O diário da Inês | Facebook | Instagram

  19. This is a fantastic dress dear. You wear it so well. I love how you paired it with boots. Fabulous photos and location.

    Not everything in life is a choice. We cannot choose whether to be healthy or not. Nobody would choose to sick if they had a choice and billions of people are sick. Nobody would choose to be poor but billions are poor. Many things in life are not a choice. Often the only choice we have is a choice between the lesser evil.
    When people say that happiness is a choice, I feel like laughing. Sure, one can train one's mind and soul to be more accepting or open of happiness, one can train one's self to think more positively but happiness is not a choice. Happiness is a complicated things and so is love. It's something that happens on its own when the conditions are right, it is not a choice or a path one can take at crossroads.

    1. Thank you Ivana, how I wish that person who wrote those things in FB read your comment.❤

  20. Que look lindo e elegante!

  21. A mala é super original :)
    Um beijinho,

  22. O bom é estar de bem com a vida consigo mesmo.

    Boa semana!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  23. Such an interesting textured dress! It's a really lovely pink colour on you :)

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you had a wonderful weekend. We had a great one staying at Sea World on the Gold Coast :)

    Away From The Blue | Handbag Gift Guide


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