The Looks of the Week #71

Olá! Bem-vindos a mais um fabuloso post dos Looks da Semana! Desta vez apresento-vos a semana completa em looks, mas tenho a dizer-vos que estes looks não são da semana que passou, mas já foram fotografados há já algum tempo! Nunca me irão ver fazer a apologia da guerra, seja ela qual for, pelo que a tirania continua a massacrar o povo mártir da Ucrânia! Nós por cá - Portugal - deveríamos agradecer todos os dias o facto de e, apesar, de todas as dificuldades de sermos um povo que não se sabe governar, vamos vivendo em paz! Paz, um estado que pouco valorizamos e que deveríamos valorizar muito mais do que aquilo que fazemos!

Hi! Welcome to another fabulous Looks of the Week post! This time I present you the entire week in looks, but I have to tell you that these looks are not from last week, but they have been photographed for some time now! You will never see me make the apology of war, whatever it may be, so tyranny continues to massacre the martyred people of Ukraine! We here - Portugal - should be grateful every day for the fact that, despite all the difficulties of being a people that doesn't know how to govern, we are living in peace! Peace, a state that we value little and that we should value much more than what we do!








Então, digam-me lá qual é o vosso look preferido? Qual o dia da semana que preferem? 

So, tell me what is your favorite look? What day of the week do you prefer?




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  1. You look great :) thanks for your sharing...

  2. Lovely outfits.

    New post:

  3. Beautiful outfit! Everyday. So glad to see your photos! Happy October!

  4. Que tens aí um conjunto de look´s que nem sei qual foi o que acabei por gostar mais
    Confesso que nem sempre é muito fácil de conjugar o que acabos por ter no nosso armario.
    Novo post
    Tem Post Novos Diariamente

  5. Hi Marisa. You look so pretty and stylish all week :)
    Thanks for sharing, have a good day :)

  6. Olá!
    Amei ver os looks da semana, o que mais amei foi o primeiro, achei mega estiloso e super usaria.

  7. The atrocities being committed against the innocent civilians and children in Ukraine are unconscionably horrible war crimes, as are the use of land mines, destruction of peoples' shelter, water, heating, electricity and access to food. There can be no justification for the horrible acts being done to the people of Ukraine.

    Looking at the beauty of the outfits you styled is a welcome break from reading about all the evil afoot in the world.
    You styled and wore seven delightfully different stylish outfits with in different pretty colours on each and every day of the week. I like the looks of all seven outfits!
    My favourite is the outfit you styled and wore on Tuesday, featuring the cropped coral pink tweed blazer with the layered white skirt - but each of the seven OOTDs features very pretty and beautifully styled fashions!

    my YouTube videos
    ( comments welcomed! :D ).

  8. Extrañaba leerte y ver tus looks. Me gusta el del lunes y el domingo.

  9. Looks bonitos, escolha muito difícil!! Vou ficar com o de segunda feira.

    Bom domingo, bjs.

  10. I love your Sunday outfit. That green jacket is great!

  11. Arrasou em todos os looks! Adorei!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está no ar com muitos posts interessantes. Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia


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