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Não tenho palavras para vos falar desta saia maravilhosa, na realidade são duas saias, a debaixo em tulle com vários folhos, a de cima num tecido fluído e, já vos disse que adoro a cor??. É uma das saias da fantástica Blaire do blog Atlantic-Pacific, conhecem??

I have no words to tell you about this wonderful skirt, in fact there are two skirts, the bottom one in tulle with several ruffles, the top one in a fluid fabric and, I already told you that I love the color ??. It's one of the skirts of the amazing Blaire of the Atlantic-Pacific blog, do you know it??

Mas o curioso desta saia é que ela veio dos Estados Unidos, pagou tarifas aduaneiras para entrar na União Europeia. Até aqui tudo bem. Como sou curiosa em saber onde as minhas roupas são feitas fui ver a etiqueta. Conseguem adivinhar onde esta saia foi feita?? 

But the curious thing about this skirt is that it came from the United States, paid customs duties to enter the European Union. So far so good. As I am curious to know where my clothes are made, I checked the label. Can you guess where this skirt was made??

Grande surpresa, nada mais, nada menos do que na... China!! Mas não há uma guerra comercial entre os EUA e a China promovida pelo Presidente Trump?? Então, eu penso que tenho uma saia americana e afinal tenho uma saia made in China??? Uma saia vendida na conceituada Nordstrom e afinal é chinesa?? Até fiquei com os olhos em bico ahahahah!! 

Big surprise, nothing more, nothing less than in ... China !! But isn't there a trade war between the U.S. and China promoted by President Trump?? So, I think I have an American skirt and after all I have a skirt made in China ??? A skirt sold in the renowned Nordstrom and, after all is it Chinese ?? I'm with Chinese eyes ahahahah!!

O comércio global continua debaixo de fogo! Fazendo o percurso desta saia, ela foi feita na China por uma empresa americana, quando entrou nos EUA pagou tarifas aduaneiras e depois quando foi vendida para a Europa, voltou a pagar tarifas aduaneiras, eu arrisco que metade do valor desta saia são impostos!! E, vocês também tem curiosidade em saber onde são feitas as vossas roupas?? Também vão ver as etiquetas?? Contem-me tudo nos comentários, vou adorar saber!!!

The global trade remains under fire! Making the path of this skirt, it was made in China by an American company, when it entered the USA it paid customs duties and then when it was sold to Europe, it  paid, again, customs duties, I risk that half the value of this skirt is taxes!! And, are you also curious to know where your clothes are made?? Will you also see the labels?? Tell me everything in the comments, I would love to know!!!
Saia/Skirt: Halogen Atlantic-Pacific
Sweater: Zara
Carteira/Bag: Zara
Brincos/Earrings: Maison Betrô

Hope you like it!!! And keep reading..
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24 comentários

  1. Começo pelo look que é lindo e a saia espectacular!!!
    Raramente vejo as etiquetas, mas made in China, existe demasiadas vezes!!!

  2. Looking so beautiful in this outfit Marisa! I love the pearls bag as well.


  3. lindeza de look, amei o tricot e a bolsa de perolas


  4. Olá! sempre estilosa, e essa bolsa me lembrou pelo formato uma linda que ganhei há um tempo atrás feita de tampinha de garrafa de latinha e crochê, toda trabalhada a mão.


  5. essa saia é muito bonita 😍
    essa história é interessante, suas origens 🙂
    Eu nunca olho para os preços, não me importo de onde minhas roupas são

  6. Que saia mais diferente, mas gostei bastante
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  7. Raramente verifico aonde são feitas as minha roupas, não ligo nenhuma a isso.
    Adorei a saia!

  8. Prefiro nem saber, parece que agora vem tudo da China, até o desgraçado coronavírus!

  9. I heared at the news that Donald Trump changed his mind and reevaluated the limits imposed to China. I am not surprised your skirt was made in PRC (Popular Republic if China), lots of things are made there, especially clothing because labor force is cheper but that doesn't mean the products are bad, hence, I have great products made there, clothing and much more.
    Your look is simply gorgeous, very fashinable and classy. The tulle is very trendy this season therefore you rock girl!

  10. Great outfit and I love the skirt too :-D

  11. I hear what you are saying, but at least we can get some gorgeous pieces like this!!

  12. I love this styling. The notorious world travelling skirt looks great paired with a sweater. You look great! A maxi skirt is such a great way to add some glam to our winter outfits. It is interesting what you say about the history of this garment. An American skirt but made in China. Most clothes are made in China nowadays. Maybe we should all shop directly from China?

  13. Hoje em dia parece que tudo é feito na china....

    Isabel Sá  
    Brilhos da Moda

  14. WHy it doesn't surprise me at all? Hahahaha, yeah rules applies only when it doesn't affect anyone's pockets-
    But I have to say that this skirt is gorgeous and yes I know Atlantic Pacific, she started when I started, but I was already old!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  15. That skirt is beautiful! I really love the color and it looks great with the pearl sweater.

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

  16. Such a fun statement skirt! :) So many things are made in China now - it's hard to avoid! The reality of living in a global economy I guess, haha!

    Hope that you had a great weekend :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! A new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again.

    Away From Blue


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