Look Nº 638 - The Pandemic Diary!

Estas são as minhas últimas fotos tiradas com o telemóvel ufaaa!!! Mas já fiz fotos com a nova máquina, digo-vos: não-têm-comparação-com-estas!! Mas como já tinha estas em arquivo aproveito para fazer um pouco de suspense para o que aí vem!!! Este dia foi o primeiro dia em que desconfinei efectivamente. Fui a Coimbra a um novo spot, um miradouro com vista sobre a cidade! Foi o dia em fui buscar a minha máquina fotográfica nova! Foi a primeira vez, em muitos meses, que fui ao Centro Comercial, uma tristeza, as lojas todas fechadas, poucas pessoas, o parque de estacionamento vazio!! Pergunto-me, quando voltaremos ao normal? Esta vida não tem jeito nenhum, sem socialização, sem conversas!! As vacinas é outro drama!! Mas hoje estou muito cansada, tive que ir ao hospital e, estou sem inspiração nenhuma!! Desejo-vos um bom dia!!

These are my last pictures taken with the phone, phew!!! But I have already taken photos with the new camera, I tell you: there-are-no-comparison-with-these !! But as I already had these on file, I take the opportunity to do a little suspense for what is coming !!! This day was the first day that I really get out. I went to Coimbra to a new spot, a viewpoint overlooking the city! It was the day I went to get my new camera! It was the first time, in many months, that I went to the Shopping Center, a sadness, the stores were all closed, few people, the parking lot was empty!! I wonder, when will we be back to normal? This life sucks, without socializing, without conversations!! Vaccines are another drama!! But today I am very tired, I had to go to the hospital and, I am without any inspiration!! I wish you a great day !!

Saia/Skirt: Uterque
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  1. Gosto do look!
    Também já estive neste miradouro!
    Ansiosa por ver este confinamento terminar e ser vacinada!!!

  2. Going back to the old doesn't seem easy. Now we have "new normals" in our lives and I think we have to get used to them. I like your style today :-)

  3. That place and view from it is amazing. I like it so much, as well as your outfit. You look gorgeous as always.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2021/04/vichy-aqualia-thermal-rehydrating-rich.html

  4. Que conjunto bastante diferente, mas as fotos até estão bastante bonitas
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  5. That is a wonderful outfit and love the photos :-D

  6. Like always, you look very beautiful
    Kisses ♥

  7. Adorei esse look, a combinação ficou maravilhosa


  8. Estas muy linda y elegante. Te mando un beso y animo algún día todo volverá a la normalidad. Te mando un beso

  9. I'm also very much looking forward to normality. But I have the impression that this time is moving further and further away. Will it ever end? I don't know.

  10. Gosto muito desse look.
    Bom descanso
    Beijinhos e bom fim-de-semana

  11. É tão bom sentir um pouco de liberdade! Lindo look. :) Beijinhos
    O diário da Inês | Facebook | Instagram

  12. Boa tarde parabéns, linda matéria como sempre. Bom final de semana.

  13. What a beautiful outfit dear Marisa! The printed cropped top looks great paired with that printed skirt. Perfect print mixing. Something about this look makes me think about flamenco. Maybe it is that maxi skirt with ruffles. I also like the sneakers you wore. Anyhow, you look gorgeous in this outfit and the photos are amazing.

  14. Great outfit dear!


  15. What a fun maxi skirt! It looks so beautiful on you! :) It's a shame that the shops are all closed - here as there are no cases of the virus we have all the shops open again - although I mostly shop online, when I do go tot he shops they are not as busy as they used to be. i think lots of people prefer to shop online now! even my mum is doing it, she used to be too scared before!

    Hope that you are having a good weekend :) We enjoyed the summer-like weather yesterday at the playground :)

    Away From The Blue

  16. These two prints together are really beautiful Marisa. I love the sneakers as well.
    In my city people are everywhere, outside except we still wear masks.


  17. Lindo esse miradouro (ou mirante, como falamos por aqui)! Saudade de ver os seus looks Marisa. :)

  18. Look incrível. Você soube combinar as estampas muito bem.

    Boa semana!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia


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