Look Nº 652 - Crochet Look!

Declaração de princípio: Não suporto o politicamente correcto. Acho tão idiota quando os políticos se dirigem às pessoas utilizando a forma feminina e masculina das palavras, como se na nossa língua o plural não incluísse os dois géneros! Dizem que a razão é que dito desta maneira estão a ser mais inclusivos! Dizer portuguesas e portugueses e não apenas portugueses (que inclui os dois géneros), acho tão rídiculo sermos escravos de uma linguagem ideológica! Agora digam-me se estão a ser inclusivos se apenas reconhecem o género feminino e masculino? Onde ficam os outros géneros que são tantos que nem os sei enumerar, mas que estão incluídos na sigla LGTBQ+, qualquer dia para se dirigirem a um público estão meia hora a enumerar todos os géneros para que ninguém se sinta excluído, do tipo: portuguesas, portugueses, lésbicas, gays, transexuais, binários etc, etc. etc!!! Ahahahah!!

Statement of principle: I can't stand political correctness. I think it's so silly when politicians address to people using the feminine and masculine form of words, as if in our language the plural doesn't include both genders! They say the reason is that said this way they are being more inclusive! Saying Portuguese women and Portuguese men and not just Portuguese (which includes both genders), I find it so ridiculous that we are slaves to an ideological language! Now tell me are you being inclusive if you only recognize the female and male gender? Where are the other genres that are so many that I don't even know how to list them, but which are included in the acronym LGTBQ+, any day to address an audience they are half an hour listing all the genres so that no one feels excluded, like: Portuguese women, Portuguese men, lesbians, gays, transsexuals, binaries etc, etc. etc!!! Ahahahah!!

Conjunto/Set: Stradivarius
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  1. Como sempre linda e maravilhosa
    Direi até que algo "misteriosa"...

    Cumprimentos poéticos
    Pensamentos e Devaneios Poéticos

  2. Thanks for your sharing... Have a lovely week...

  3. Today instead of personal virtue we have political correctness. It is ridiculous. Btw The politicians in Croatia do the same thing, even if it not gramatically correct to use both genders when it is not necessary.

    You look stunning in this crochet outfit.Hippy chic at its best.

  4. I like so much your summer boho outfit- so cool.

    I don;t like the political correctness too

  5. Firstly, I am in love with your tangerine crochet outfit. It is like a SMILE in outfit form. And, I love your smile. It's very warm and nice. And the scenery where you have your outfits shot is so picturesque. I'm in awe. As for being PC, I think the irony is that taken to the extreme, it becomes quite tiresome. It's important to acknowledge genders beyond the main ones but there certainly is nothing wrong to say: "Greetings, fellow Portuguese!" and understand it covers all. But what if other nationalities are around. Shall we mention each so that everyone is included in the address. At this point, we'll be talking forever and never arriving to the point of the talk. HAHAHA. As always, you make me think. Thank you. I love it :)

  6. Linda e maravilhosa como sempre!!

    Boa semana.

  7. Oh que conjunto mais diferente, mas posso dizer que gostei bastante
    Novo post
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  8. Boa noite Marisa. Ficou lindo e especial, as cores são maravilhosas.

  9. Gosto muito desse tons e as fotos estão giras!

    Isabel Sá  
    Brilhos da Moda

  10. bem lindo o conjunto de crochet, a cara do verao nesse tom de laranja e o chapeu deixou o look mais estiloso ainda


  11. Loving this crochet look- it's very 70s in the best way!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. In my opinion, all the whole thing about inclusiveness is slowly slipping out of the hand.
    I mean, of course I totally at favour of equality and all, but c'mon there are so manu exaggerations lately that make seem more and more the thing totally absurd!
    Anyway, I loooove your crochet 2 pieces! It looks so cool and summery!
    I need more crochet in my life!

  13. I love orange beach vibe in this outfit. Hat and that big flower are so beautiful and you look amazing.


  14. Muito maravilhosa, arrasou demais nesse look


  15. Beautiful bright color. You are shining. :)

  16. These knits are so beautiful! It looks flattering on you!

  17. Bom dia dona portuguesa 😃
    Sempre elegante e bonita.

  18. Que bonita *-*
    Um beijinho,

  19. Essa questão que falaste é realmente bem complicada e crítica. Somos todos seres humanos. Seu look está um arraso!

    Boa semana!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  20. You're living your best life, looks like! Very gorgeous! <3

  21. Such a fun vintage outfit :)
    I think it's important for people to feel recognised and seen - even if it is just in a greeting at the start of a speech :)

    Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWear Link Up! Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue


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