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 Bem-vindos meus queridos leitores e amigos deste meu blog! Hoje, enquanto faço um passeio pela minha cidade, vou contar-vos uma história que tem dividido opiniões nas redes sociais! Trata-se de um incidente que aconteceu a bordo de um avião! Este incidente gerou um debate entre os passageiros sobre direitos e responsabilidades a bordo de aviões comerciais. Já sabem de que história vou falar?

 Welcome, my dear readers and friends of my blog! Today, as I take a stroll around my city, I'm going to tell you about a story that has divided opinion on social media! It's about an incident that happened on board a plane! This incident has sparked a debate among passengers about rights and responsibilities on board commercial aeroplanes. Do you know which story I'm going to tell you about? 

Então é assim, uma mulher americana obesa, comprou dois lugares lado a lado no avião, para garantir conforto durante a viagem, mas foi surpreendida quando uma mãe tentou usar parte do espaço pago por ela para acomodar o seu filho.

So here's the thing: an obese American woman bought two seats side by side on the plane to ensure comfort during the flight, but was surprised when a mother tried to use part of the space she had paid for to accommodate her child.

Esta mulher que já tinha viajado bastante desconfortável num único lugar, tomou a decisão de comprar 2 lugares para que tal não voltasse a acontecer. Ao embarcar, acomodou-se nos seus dois lugares, aliviada por ter espaço suficiente para a viagem! A situação, contudo, alterou-se, quando uma mãe com uma criança pequena, entrou na cabine e percebeu que esta mulher ocupava lugar e meio. A mãe, sem lugar para a criança , tentou colocar o filho no espaço restante do segundo lugar da mulher obesa.

This woman, who had already travelled quite uncomfortably in a single seat, decided to buy two seats so that this wouldn't happen again. When she boarded, she settled into her two seats, relieved to have enough space for the trip! The situation changed, however, when a mother with a small child entered the cabin and realised that this woman had taken up a seat and a half. The mother, with no seat for her child, tried to put her child in the remaining space of the obese woman's second seat.

A mulher obesa, contudo, educadamente explicou que tinha pago 2 lugares e que não poderia ceder o seu lugar extra para a criança. A mãe, indignada, chamou o comissário de bordo para resolver o impasse. Após ouvir as duas partes, o comissário pediu à mulher obesa que apresentasse os bilhetes, o que foi feito prontamente. Com esta confirmação, o comissário explicou à mãe que, infelizmente, ela teria que segurar a criança no colo, pois ela não tinha comprado um lugar para ela. A mãe, visivelmente frustrada, voltou para o seu lugar, enquanto os restantes passageiros observavam a situação e tomavam posições em favor da mulher obesa, enquanto outros tomavam as dores da mãe da criança!
The obese woman, however, politely explained that she had paid for two seats and could not give up her extra seat for the child. The mother, indignant, called the steward to resolve the impasse. After listening to both sides, the steward asked the obese woman to show her tickets, which she promptly did. With this confirmation, the steward explained to the mother that, unfortunately, she would have to hold the child on her lap, as she had not bought a seat for her child. The mother, visibly frustrated, returned to her seat, while the rest of the passengers observed the situation and took up positions in favour of the obese woman, while others took the pain of the child's mother!

O que vos quero perguntar é o seguinte: para vocês, quem é que tem razão nesta situação? A mulher obesa ou a mãe da criança? Eu dou a minha opnião, eu sou pela mulher obesa, se ela pagou para ir viajar com conforto não tem de ceder o seu lugar, apesar de ser uma criança! A mãe que tivesse comprado um lugar para ela! Muitos dos outros passageiros foram contra a mulher obesa, mas para mim ela tem toda a razão! Neste caso a criança não tem prioridade! Em muitos lugares mulheres com crianças ao colo têm prioridade sobre os outros, mas não neste caso! E, para vocês, quem tem razão?
What I want to ask you is this: who do you think is right in this situation? The obese woman or the child's mother? I give my opinion, I'm for the obese woman, if she paid to go travelling in comfort she doesn't have to give up her seat, even though she's a child! Let the mother have bought a seat for her! Many of the other passengers were against the obese woman, but for me she's absolutely right! In this case, the child has no priority! In many places women with children on their laps have priority over others, but not in this case! Who do you think is right?
Deixo-vos com algumas fotos da minha cidade da Figueira da Foz. É uma cidade banhada pelo Oceano Atlântico, com muitas praias, casino, digamos que é uma cidade em ponto muito pequenino de uma cidade da Côte d'Ázur francesa ahahahah!! Em Portugal tudo é pequenino, as cidades também!
I leave you with some photos of my city of Figueira da Foz. It's a city bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, with lots of beaches, a casino, let's just say it's a very small version of a city on the French Côte d'Ázur ahahahah!!! Everything in Portugal is tiny, and so are the cities!

Vestido/Dress: Naf Naf



Digam-me nos comentários, quem, para vocês, tem razão neste caso passado num avião?


Tell me in the comments, who do you think is right in this case on an aeroplane?




Thanks for reading!!!




34 comentários

  1. Adorei esse vestido! Ele é sem dúvida "a tua cara"!!!


  2. I'm with you on this one because there are rules and what has been paid for should be yours. It seems the mother was just trying to get away with only one ticket and that doesn't happen these days. Of course, I don't think I would fly anywhere unless there was no other choice. There are so much anger and commotions these days with those who finally get on the plane. Sure I can understand their frustration after all they have to go through on the ground just to get there. And these planes are more compact than ever. You might as well be in a cattle car ( I grew up on a ranch so I've seen a thing or two about this) thus we feel treated like animals not travelers these days.

    Now let's get to this amazing dress. I'm sure it must have a history. It is so beautiful! & you bring the beauty to it. Such lovely photos of the location too. Hope your July is going well. I was stuck inside mostly during our holiday with something RSV. Hopefully, I am on the mend. Of course, I have a few of the 4th stories to get to this week.

    Stay the beautiful you. Stay Gold! Thanks for sharing this travel story too.

    1. Thank you for your comment and your words, which are a boost of strength to keep going! This story is true, as is the way airlines treat their customers today - they're all about profit! But here there is no doubt that the obese woman is right, even if the child's mother didn't like the decision!<3333

  3. Eu diria que a mulher tem razão se pagou mais um bilhete.
    Isabel Sá
    Brilhos da Moda


  4. The woman paid for the seats because she needed the space.
    As a mother, I would have made sure that my child had a place to sit before the flight.

    You look adorable. I love the dress you are wearing.

    1. That's what the child's mother should have done!
      Thank you very much for your comment!

  5. Obese woman, no contest. Parents of small children are responsible for their kids, period. The woman had no obligation to share.

  6. Que cidade mais linda, adorei o seu look. Quem tem razão foi aquela que pagou um lugar a mais.

    1. Claro que sim, mas a mãe da criança não gostou muito da decisão! Bjs!

  7. It seems odd that the airline permitted the mother to buy just one ticket. Usually that is done only if the child in question is a baby (an infant) because babies obviously have to be held by their parents during take of and landing for security reasons. If a child is old enough to be able to fit in a seat, a ticket must be purchased for it. I wonder what the age of the child was. I usually try not to get involved into discussion because it's hard to know the full story. However, the steward seems to have resolved the situation fairly and in accordance with airline policy.

    You look gorgeous in this yellow dress with blue flowers!

    1. The child was 18 months old! You're right, the steward resolved the issue fairly!

  8. Que vestido lindo!
    Gostei muito da estampa e das cores! E que cidade maravilhosa! Ótimas fotos!

  9. Your city looks lovely. And the dress fits you perfectly, I love it! :)
    For me, it is normal that, if someone bought two tickets, obese or not, it has the right to use them. If that person wants to share, it is only a matter of choice. The choice only that person whi actually paid, has the right to make. I mean.. it is common sense. Or it should be.
    As you relate the story, I understand the other person acted rude, trying to impose something on the person who paid for two seets. Maybe if she would have asked politely for help, the other person would have offered it. But as far as what is normal and right, there is no doubt. When you pay for two services you have the right to enjoy them.

    Hugs :)

    1. Of course, the child's mother was arrogant - in fact, if she had asked politely for the seat, perhaps this story would have had a different ending! Thank you for your sympathy!

  10. Elegante e lindo look e fantásticas imagens da Figueira da Foz.
    Quanto à história estou de acordo consigo, se a mulher pagou 2 bilhetes tinha o direito de ficar com os 2 lugares.
    Vou de férias até agosto e vai ser difícil visitar os amigos, quando regressar a casa retorno todas as visitas 😊

    1. Então boas férias Maria! Eu acho que não há dúvidas sobre quem tem razão neste caso! Beijos!

  11. Esse vestido é super elegante :)
    Um beijinho,

  12. I'm with you on this one. If the obese woman paid for two seats she should be entitled to occupy them both!
    On another note, your dress and these photos are simply gorgeous.
    Julia x

    1. I unanimously declare that the obese woman is right for the readers of this blog! Thank you!

  13. Amei esse vestido, lindo, modesto e cheio de estilo.
    Gostei muito de ver aqui.


  14. You are beautiful.


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