The Looks of the Week #42

 Bem.vindos a mais um maravilhoso post dos Looks da Semana! E a estrela dos looks, o elemento comum a todos os looks é... tcharan... calças!!! Quando estamos com pressa e não conseguimos raciocinar na hora de nos vestirmos, qual é a aquela peça de roupa que nos vem logo à cabeça? Qual é? Calças, claro!! E para nossa felicidade tenho exemplos para todos os gostos, estampadas, brancas, jeans, animal print, etc. etc. etc.

Welcome to the wonderful Looks of the Week post! And the star of the looks, the common element to all looks is... is... pants!!! When we're in a hurry and we can't think when it's time to get dressed, what is that piece of clothing that comes to our mind right away? Which is? Pants of course!! And for our happiness I have examples for all tastes, printed, white, jeans, animal print, etc. etc. etc.






    Então, digam-me lá qual é o vosso look preferido? Qual o dia da semana que preferem?

So, tell me what is your favorite look? What day of the week do you prefer?  
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16 comentários

  1. Lindos look. Me gusta el del lunes. Te mando un beso

  2. Love the coats! Especially the pink ones! Oh, but I loved how you mixed it up on Wednesday! Stripes and floral which would be the biggest NO if I wore that outfit to work. My director doesn't like for us to wear floral pants.

  3. Gostei muito do de Quinta e o de Sexta! :))
    Deambulando a sós...

    Beijos, e um excelente fim de semana.

  4. Amazing looks!
    My fav is the last
    Thanks for sharing
    Kisses ♥

  5. Gostei do look de terça e da camisola do de sexta :)

  6. Nem lhe sei dizer qual foi o conjunto que mais gostei
    Novo post
    Tem Post Novos Diariamente

  7. You have a great selection of pants in your wardrobe! While I have a few jeans in my wardrobe I definitely have more skirts and dresses than pants - they aren't such a staple for me. Jeans in winter are definitely must haves though!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! We had a playdate yesterday and today is the last day of the summer school holidays :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Tuesday is my choise for this week:) And I really love this series:) Happy new week Marisa.

  9. Você arrasa em qualquer um deles!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está em Hiatus de verão entre 18 de janeiro à 04 de março, mas comentaremos nos blogs amigos. Mesmo em Hiatus, o blog tem um post novo. Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  10. Those leopard pants are so cool...I love how you wear white jeans too. These are all fabulous outfits. Friday is my favourite look, though. I just love the combination of pink and blue- beautiful top and coat. The light pants and shoes look great with this look too.


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