O Presidente da Ucrânia, Zelensky, pediu a todas as pessoas no mundo para se manifestarem contra a guerra que está a acontecer no seu país. Como estou longe das principais cidades portuguesas, onde se realizam essas manifestações, resolvi não ficar em silêncio e, manifestar o meu repudio pelo que a Rússia está a fazer na Ucrânia, aqui mesmo no meu blog! O massacre de inocentes, a destruição de cidades, a barbarie não pode ser silenciada. A Ucrânia é um país soberano e não pode ser invadido de forma selvática pela Rússia. Shame on you Mr. Putin! Se é terra que quer, espero que um dia ela lhe pese muito em cima!

The Ukraine's President Zelensky called on all the people of the world to speak out against the war that is taking place in his country. As I am far from the main Portuguese cities where these demonstrations take place, I decided not to remain silent and, to express my repudiation for what Russia is doing in Ukraine, right here on my blog! The slaughter of innocents, the destruction of cities, the barbarism cannot be silenced. Ukraine is a sovereign country and cannot be savagely invaded by Russia. Shame on you Mr. Putin! If it's land you want, I hope that one day it will weigh heavily on you!

Bombadear escolas, hospitais, maternidades são actos de selvajaria inconcebíveis no século XXI. Fica claro que a demonstração do poder de destruição é também para mostrar a outros países, que outrora perteceram à União Soviética, o que lhes pode acontecer se resistirem tal como os ucranianos estão a fazer! Mas as últimas notícias dão conta que a Rússia está a perder no terreno! É, também, impossível colocar-me no lugar das mulheres ucranianas tal é o horror vivido por elas neste momento!
 Bombing schools, hospitals, maternity hospitals are acts of savagery inconceivable in the 21st century. It is clear that the demonstration of the power of destruction is also to show other countries that once belonged to the Soviet Union what can happen to them if they resist as the Ukrainians are doing! But the latest news is that Russia is losing this war. It is impossible to put myself in the place of Ukrainian women, such is the horror they are experiencing right now!

A resistência do povo Ucraniano é uma inspiração para todos os defensores da Liberdade. Fiquei bastante impressionada com o testemunho de uma mulher ucraniana que resolveu ficar na Ucrânia e, com esta frase termino: "Nós, ucranianos, preferimos morrer a lutar do que viver na paz russa!"
 The resistance of the Ukrainian people is an inspiration to all defenders of freedom. I was very impressed by the testimony of a Ukrainian woman who decided to stay in Ukraine and, with this sentence, I finish: "We Ukrainians prefer to die fighting than live in Russian peace!"

Trench-coat: Zara


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  1. Dói muito ver este tipo de sofrimento!! Uma guerra pessoal de um homem doente!! STOP WAR!!

    Boa semana.

  2. Very well said, this situation is going on for too long, I just hope it ends soon.
    have a great week,

  3. Love the outfit! Great coat! It suits you :)

    🌸 Kiara Era BLOG 🌸

  4. Que look mais lindo Marisa, eu fico muito triste com a situação de guerra entre esses países. Especialmente a população da Ucrânia que está sofrendo.
    big beijos

  5. We need more peace and love for sure.
    Those are the coolest jeans BTW,

  6. Chiquérrima e maravilhosa como sempre


  7. Hope this madness ends soon!
    Love your coat! Beautiful color!

  8. Massa,
    Adoro seu bom gosto
    e sua criatividade.
    Vir a seu blog me
    renova e inspira.
    Bjins de boa semana.

  9. Terrível isto que está a acontecer e incrível a força dos ucranianos! Adorei o look. :) Beijinhos
    O diário da Inês | Facebook | Instagram

  10. O seu look está lindo como sempre. Gostei muito dos detalhes na calça.
    É triste ver o que está acontecendo na Ucrânia.


  11. The war is never the answer! I think that whatever problems have Ukraine and Russia (I'm not so expert to say that I know the real situation there), they should have resolve it around a table, not attacking!
    Both people, russian and ukraines, are innocent to me, the politicians are the very enemies here!
    Anyway I totally love your outfit, Marisa!
    That blue overcoat looks so stylish and is just perfect paired with denim!

  12. It's a complex and painful subject. The politicians are definitely to blame, the Western ones just as well. Innocent Ukrainians and Russians are dying. Moreover, the Russian people are being targeted and persecuted in Europe right now, their children verbally and physically attacked in schools. Slavophobia is on the rise. It is a horrible situation and I'm afraid it will get worse. Many are using this situation to promote Asian hate (especially against the Chinese). The violence against Asians living in the West is increasingly every day, they are afraid for their lives. The West is full of hate, especially our media, it is so depressing.
    I love your long coat, very chic.

    1. Thank you Ivana for your comment. I remind you that I am for peace and always against war! As for hating people that I remember, I only hate President Putin because he has already shown his contempt for the value of human life, whether Russian or Ukrainian! As for the values of the West, it is the values of democracy and freedom, and what I stand for, not the politics of fear. As for this hatred you speak, I don't feel that this happens in Portugal. Just a question, when the Berlin wall came down, do you know which way people fled?

    2. Do I know which way people fled? I who have personally grown up in the greatest bloodshed in recent European history? I can tell you what way I fled as a child to escape bombing- down to the shelters. I have a deeply personal and traumatic experience of a war (having grown up in one!) and that is why peace is of utmost importance to me. As a survivor of genocide whose family members were imprisoned and tortured, this conflict pains me beyond words. I have worked for peace all my life, choosing love over hate every step of the way. I have done real work, real volunteer work that helped healed the war wounds in post war times, real humanitarian work. I'm doing real work now, reaching out to Ukraine refugees, offering help respectfully without traumatizing them with political talk and trying to help as much as I can.

    3. It is because of your painful testimony that I hate President Putin and all war criminals even more! It is for you, Ivana, for your country and others that were under the rule of the former Soviet Union that I fear! Thank you for sharing a little of what was the history of your country, through your personal testimony! I am also for peace! Love you!

  13. Uma triste realidade num mundo cada vez mais assustador.

    Isabel Sá
    Brilhos da Moda

  14. Não vejo a hora dessa guerra sem sentido acabar!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está de volta com muitos posts e novidades! Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  15. Adoro o teu casaco.
    O que dizer mais sobre mais uma estúpida guerra 😢

  16. Boa noite Marisa. Uma guerra sem sentido e que nem era para existir. Grande abraço carioca.

  17. I love this blue coat on you and I agree, war is so needless and it destroys the lives of so many innocent people :( I really hope that they can find a peaceful resolution and stop the fighting, it's just so sad.


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