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 Olá! Como têm passado? Este post é sobre um tema que me é difícil, não de falar, mas de encarar, trata-se da nossa idade, mais precisamente aceitar a idade que eu já tenho. Encarar as mudanças físicas que a idade implica, principalmente as mudanças que se efectivam no nosso rosto! Sem rodeios, encarar o aparecimento das malditas primeiras rugas! Pronto disse!

Hello, how have you been? This post is about a subject that I find difficult, not to talk about, but to face up to. It's about our age, more precisely accepting the age I'm already at. Facing the physical changes that come with age, especially the changes to our faces! Without beating about the bush, face the appearance of the first damn wrinkles! I said it!

A semana passada esteve em Portugal, para festejar os seus 65 anos, a rainha da pop, a incrível Madonna! Muito criticada, por uns, pelas alterações estéticas que tem feito no seu rosto! O culto da juventude que parece padecer!

Last week the queen of pop, the incredible Madonna, was in Portugal to celebrate her 65th birthday! Much criticized by some for the aesthetic changes she has made to her face! The cult of youth she seems to suffer from!

Madonna no dia do seu aniversário em Lisboa! Créditos: Expresso 
 Madonna on her birthday in Lisbon! Credits: Expresso

Mas, ora bolas, ela transformou o rosto para parecer mais jovem, então e as rugas não transformam o nosso rosto jovem também??? Eu assumo que pela primeira vez, desde que tenho este blog, que apliquei photoshop no meu rosto, a Madonna aplicou photoshop real, com a aplicação de botox no rosto! Eu adorei ver a Madonna rejuvenescida, prefiro isso, a um rosto carregado de rugas!

But come on, she's transformed her face to look younger, so don't wrinkles transform our young faces too? I assume that for the first time since I've been running this blog, I've applied Photoshop to my face, Madonna has applied real Photoshop, by applying Botox to her face! I loved seeing Madonna rejuvenated, I prefer that to a face full of wrinkles!

É claro que a idade nos pesa no corpo, mas não deixemos que isso nos afecte na alma! A idade é só um número e, eu não o sinto no meu "eu"! Quanto às primeiras rugas vão-se combatendo com cremes e máscaras, retardando ao máximo o seu aparecimento.
 Of course age weighs on our bodies, but let's not let it affect our souls! Age is just a number and I don't feel it in my "self"! As for the first wrinkles, we fight them with creams and masks, delaying their appearance as much as possible.
E, agora, vou vos fazer uma grande confissão, eu sei que com a doença que tenho não vou chegar a velhinha, mas esse também não é o meu desejo, não gostaria de ter uma vida longa, mas isso ninguém sabe! Não é?? E vocês estão prontas para aceitar um rosto com rugas??
And now I'm going to make a big confession, I know that with my illness I'm not going to grow old, but that's not my wish either, I wouldn't like to live a long life, but nobody knows that! Don't you? Are you ready to accept a face with wrinkles?

Mas, continuando a falar sobre envelhecimento, fiz um exercício com a ajuda da Inteligência Artificial que foi o seguinte: a partir da última foto, a IA transformou o meu rosto, no rosto de quando eu tinha 6 anos. Minha opnião, acho que não estou nada parecida comigo nessa idade!

But, continuing to talk about aging, I did an exercise with the help of Artificial Intelligence which was as follows: from the last photo, the AI transformed my face into the face of when I was 6 years old. My opinion, I don't think I look anything like me at that age!

Depois, fiz o exercício de me transformar com o rosto de quando tinha 18 anos de idade. Também acho que não estou parecida!
Then I did the exercise of transforming myself into the face I had when I was 18 years old. I don't think I look the same either!
Por último, este exercício evitei-o durante muito tempo, porque acho que não era capaz de ver, quanto mais imaginar, o meu rosto envelhecido! E o exercício é conseguir ver-me com a idade da Madonna, 65 anos! Foi difícil ver esta foto de IA, mas ela revelou-me algo de incrível, conseguem adivinhar??

Finally, I avoided this exercise for a long time because I didn't think I could see, let alone imagine, my ageing face! And the exercise is to be able to see myself at Madonna's age, 65! It was difficult to see this AI photo, but it revealed something incredible to me, can you guess?

Não convencida, aperfeiçoei ainda mais a foto, para ver se era verdade o que estava a ver. Surpresa das surpresas, sabem com quem estou parecida com 65 anos? Com a minha mãe! Quem conhece a minha mãe, consegue ver os traços do rosto dela no meu rosto envelhecido!
 Unconvinced, I refined the photo even more to see if what I was seeing was true. Surprise of surprises, do you know who I look like at 65? My mother! Anyone who knows my mother can see her facial features in my ageing face!

E, para terminar, que este post já vai longo, falta a banda sonora surpresa. Erraram! Não é uma música da Madonna, ela já tem muitas músicas neste blog! Trata-se de uma música que me diz muito, tropecei nela por acaso no youtube. Era uma música que eu ouvia muito na minha juventude, um dos primeiros discos de vinil que comprei, trata-se da canção The Chauffer (O motorista) dos Duran Duran. Por analogia a este tema, nós somos o motorista do nosso corpo e ao mesmo tempo somos conduzidos por ele através de uma máquina do tempo que nos leva ao top e, quando damos conta, nos derruba inexoravelmente! Oiçam que vale a pena recordar Simon Lebon! E, já agora como é que vocês encaram o vosso envelhecimento??

And finally, as this post is getting long, the surprise soundtrack is missing. Wrong! It's not a Madonna song, she already has a lot of songs on this blog! It's a song that means a lot to me, I stumbled across it by chance on YouTube. It was a song I listened to a lot in my youth, one of the first vinyl records I ever bought, and it's The Chauffer (The driver) by Duran Duran. By analogy with this theme, we are the driver of our body and at the same time we are driven by it through a time machine that takes us to the top and, before we know it, brings us down inexorably! Simon Lebon is worth remembering! And, by the way, how do you view your aging?



Thanks for reading!!!



16 comentários

  1. Oh, I have faced that fact of wrinkles for a good long while now. You just keep going. The tattoos of life are creeping up everywhere. A mark on the leg from when I fell over a branch while walking my frisky dog. A neck on my chin that must have happen when I was all three and my parents never told me how it got there and I can't ask them now. Stay strong. Stay wise. Be the beautiful you. Keep smiling.

  2. You are beautiful.

  3. Marisa, acho que está linda e vai certamente envelhecer muito bem.
    Eu tenho 63 anos, é claro que as rugas já cá estão e um mundo de cabelos brancos que vou pintando. Sinceramente o que me assusta no envelhecimento não são as rugas, os cabelos brancos ou o aumento do peso, é sim surgir algum problema de saúde, que me impeça de fazer as minhas coisas.
    Nesta altura da vida, tento não pensar no futuro e viver o melhor que posso o presente.
    Um grande beijinho

    1. Maria, mas a doença eu já a tenho e luto com ela há mais anos do que eu pensava! Portanto as questões de imagem não são fúteis, elas também me preocupam no sentido de as aceitar o melhor possível!

  4. It's an interesting concept to see how AI would make you look at different ages. How cool that the older one gives you a glimpse of your mom.

  5. Es una lindo video. Y fue un ejercicio simpático . Yo la verdad no utilizo . Te mando un beso.

  6. Getting older is the normal cycle of life and there is no sense to fight it no matter what :) We can counteract with cosmetics, facial massages but i think it's healthy to accept it :) You are beautiful as you are :)

  7. You are so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful photo (apart from the ones taken by artificial intelligence)
    I'm turning 30 this year, but I don't see any wrinkles.
    However, I see that I do not resemble my mother at all - I am becoming more and more like my father.

  9. Aging gracefully is a wonderful thing and one that ought to be cultivated. Madonna is a fine artist but I do not stand by the act of erasing aging through her method as even if you fight aging aggressively, you know physically you are aging. So it's great to use natural non-invasive strategies to keep of skin fresh and rejuvenated but it's of no use to become obsessed with staying young. After all, aging is not for the weak at all. I love the photos you share here celebrating how you naturally look and for me, there's no contest! You look wonderful at your age and your mom does too. I am aware that lines have already started to form on my face and I started to use this thing called 'frownies' which are patches to place on the forehead area. I kind of like them as I do have an expressive forehead. They relax me too as I feel them on my forehead as I sleep, sort of a training for the forehead muscles to relax lol. Wishing you a lot of love, motivation and strength <3 :)

  10. I think Madonna in real life doesn't look anything like she does on that photograph. I think all the photographs she uploads are heavily photoshopped. I think it's impossible to look really young when you're really old. The energy is different, the way we move is different- everything is different.
    We must remember that aging is a privilege! A privilege many don't have and will never have.
    I think the old divas like Marlene Dietrich who used tricks such as face tape or braiding their hair and hiding it behind a wig (braids can act like face tape) were much wiser than today's star.
    The AI young photos look strange to me. Not just these, but AI photos in general. AI photography looks very off to my artistically trained eyes. It's cool you were able to see your mother's face in the 'older' AI, though. I see more of my parents in myself, as I grow older too.

  11. I forgot to ask...Is there a reason to expect you won't grow old? Does your illness come with a shorter life expectancy? I think a lot of people with immune illnesses live long lives. Immune illnesses tend to get easier as one ages. The twenties and the thirties are the most difficult and dangerous. Once you pass your thirties, it gets easier. Naturally, it can also depend on the illness. But immune illnesses are similar as allergies. The body attacks itself. Therefore, as you grow older, the illness should be less active. At least, that is what my doctors have told me. I'm not an expert myself.

    1. Hello, Ivana,
      My illness isn't a disease of the immune system, it's a hereditary disease and it's a mutation in a gene. Until a few years ago there was no cure and people died in their 40s, with their condition deteriorating every year. Now there are treatments that slow down the deterioration of organs such as the heart, kidneys, intestines, eyesight and feet. The older we get, the worse the symptoms get. The treatment I'm undergoing is a kind of chemotherapy. What it does is cleanse the liver, as this is the organ that causes all the symptoms by producing an excess of a protein that accumulates in the organs I've mentioned.

  12. Pois graças a Deus não tenho problemas de aceitar a minha idade nem os meus cabelos brancos. Tenho 34 anos e estou cheio de cabelos brancos. As pessoas falam para eu pintar o cabelo, pois estou cheio deles. Quer saber?! Já me aceitei como sou e nunca irei pintar os meus cabelos! Tenho medo de estragá-los! Ele está grisalhão, mas tá lindo de viver, além de ser um charme!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está em HIATUS DE INVERNO do dia 21 de agosto à 14 de setembro, mas comentarei nos blogs amigos nesse período. O JJ, portanto, está cheio de posts legais e interessantes. Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia


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