Look Nº 802 - Christmas Carol

 Olá queridos leitores do Marisa's Closet! Como é tradição neste blog, neste post, há Conto de Natal. Neste conto espero que se deixem envolver pelo calor da generosidade. Este é um conto que celebra a magia do Natal e que nos lembra sobre o verdadeiro significado desta época!

Hello dear Marisa's Closet readers! As is the tradition on this blog, this post features a Christmas Carol. In this tale I hope you'll be enveloped by the warmth of generosity. This is a story that celebrates the magic of Christmas and reminds us of the true meaning of this season!

Christmas Carol 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

On a cold, starry night, in a land marked by the shadows of war, a small child, Alma, a refugee from the horrors that life had imposed on her, felt incomplete. Her teddy bear, a silent confidant on difficult nights, was lost in the maze of rubble that had once been her country. On Christmas Eve, while the world seemed asleep in festive dreams, Alma nestled in a shady corner of an improvised shelter. The cold penetrated her bones, but the longing for her teddy bear warmed her heart. Then, like a magical tale of hope, something incredible happened. In the darkness, a soft light flickered. A roaring fire sprang up, casting dancing shadows on the worn canvas of the tents. Alma, initially perplexed, approached the warm light. The fire became her companion on that freezing night, more valuable than any teddy. As she warmed herself in the comforting heat, Alma gazed up at the starry sky and there, high in the sky, she glimpsed the magical figure of Santa. With a wand of light, he lit the fire for little Alma, turning her into his guiding star. It wasn't just a fire for warmth, but a symbol of hope and generosity. On Christmas morning, the people in that unlikely corner woke up to a surprise - a fire that glowed with the magic of compassion. Alma, now enveloped in a warmth that went beyond the physical, smiled with gratitude. And so the world witnessed the magic of Christmas, not in material offerings, but in the generosity that warms souls. Alma's bonfire became the light that echoed in everyone's hearts, provoking reflections on what is truly precious in life. 
 The End

Que este conto seja uma lembrança de que, mesmo nas noites mais escuras, a luz da compaixão pode acender o caminho para um amanhã mais luminoso. Na verdade aquela fogueira deve pesar nas consciências dos donos desta Terra muito mal governada e frequentada!

May this tale be a reminder that even on the darkest nights, the light of compassion can light the way to a brighter tomorrow. Indeed, that fire should weigh heavily on the consciences of the owners of this poorly governed and frequented Earth!

Mas, este post é também um post da máquina do tempo, neste Natal vamos viajar até ao ano 2020 e, este vestido, foi o look que escolhi vestir no Dia de Páscoa desse ano!

But this post is also a time machine post, this Christmas we're travelling to the year 2020 and this dress was the look I chose to wear on Easter Day that year!



Thanks for reading!!!




11 comentários

  1. Oh dear Marisa, I am just like you, prefer warmth, coziness, warm light, all this means Christmas to me.
    Love the way you described Christmas, you are a true artist in this, a master of words and images.
    P.S: for I don't know what readon, it looks that I am not following you anymore, must be one of those issues I have lately with my blog and my accounts. I will remediate on that right now!
    Witsh you and all your loved ones a jolly, merry and peaceful Christmas! Kisses!

  2. Such a beautiful story! Stunning photos! May you have a warm and cozy Christmas! All the best to you and your wonderful blog. Thanks for being here!❄️❤️🎄❄️🎄❤️

  3. Beautiful story and photos! Merry Christmas Marisa!

  4. Estas muy linda. Te mando un beso y te deseo una feliz navidad para ti y tu familia

  5. Passando por aqui, numa visita rápida, para desejar um Feliz Natal!

    Ontem é só Memória | Facebook | Instagram

  6. Oh, simplesmente tão bonita
    Um Feliz Natal
    Novo post
    Tem Post Novo Diariamente

  7. Que conto natalino mais bonito. Boas festas Marisa.
    big beijos

  8. A passar por cá para desejar continuação de boas festas.
    Isabel Sá
    Brilhos da Moda

  9. Conto emocionante! Parabéns.

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está no ar cheio de posts novos e novidades! Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  10. Beautiful Christmas decor!
    All the best in New 2024.
    Happy holidays!
    Merry Christmas!


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