Rosegal Thanksgiving Day!


Thanksgiving Day with Rosegal.
Currently they have a promotion going on right now for their 
Don't forget to use their coupon code found in the banner. I know with all the 
Christmas decorations etc, we can forget to shop for gifts for our beloved family
members. But guess what?! 
You can do both! Shop for your Christmas decor and gifts all in one place.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we can't stop thinking about Christmas gifts.
On Rosegal, there's a variety of clothing, accessories that you can choose from.
They also carry home stuff which is adorable during this time of the year.

Top to bottom:
I have been on the hunt for some knee high boots like the picture above. 
It's call the Dual Buckle boots, which can be found HERE.
They can be paired with an all black outfit or light denim jeans and a 
white top and finally to finish off the look add a nice camel coat
to match the boots.

I love a good sturdy crossbody. Like this , chain green crossbody bag, which
is perfect to carry during a Thanksgiving dinner with the 
family or dinner date. I love this holiday season because it's the start
of a magical season like Christmas and all the seasons during November
and December. 

The second bag is a rivet jointed crossbody bag, a casual bag for 
that special person who's style is super casual but doesn't have time
to change accessories if invited to a dinner date after work. 

Next we have this lapel contrast trim blazer, perfect for that going to work
or for that working individual who knows that he/she will go visit their family
member for the holidays. I love love this blazer, it can easily be transformed from a
dressy outfit to blazer and jeans. 

Looking for that perfect gift you can give a teenager?
How about this ribbon bowknot fuzzy slippers? These
are always a hit because you can't go wrong with sleepwear or slippers.
These slippers are so beautiful, they have the bow knot detail which is
adorable and the fuzzy makes is super comfy and perfect to wear during
the cold winter months.

During Thanksgiving we love to indulge ourselves with delicious food. After all, it's that 
start of the holiday season. While we make the Thanksgiving dinner we can be listening
to Christmas music but why not while we are doing all of that, we wear  Christmas deer print sweater.
The print is very pretty and the "Merry Christmas" print on the back makes is very 
trendy and fun.

Last minute gift could be chocolates or a gift card,
but what about a nice Houndstooth bag. I love the style of this bag, which is perfect, it's 
not too big or small. Perfect for that special person who is adventurous and loves fashion.

ROSEGAL have prepared a coupon code for your guys!
Extra 22% off,
Use code :RGN20 


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