The Looks of the Week #51

 Olá!! Bem-vindos a mais um fabuloso post dos Looks da Semana! Isto é um blog de moda, mas ninguém pode ficar indiferente às imagens que nos chegam da Ucrânia, perante o que aconteceu na localidade de Bucha e o massacre de civis indefesos e inocentes, a moda pouco importa! Mas se eu, através da moda, puder fazer chegar a minha voz a todo o mundo, no sentido de apelar à paz entre os povos, então este blog e a moda fazem sentido para mim! Estou chocada e horrorizada com o que vi! Ninguém pode ficar indiferente à barbarie, podiamos ser nós, a vida não pode ter tão pouco valor para estes loucos que fazem a guerra! O mundo, as pessoas, as crianças, os idosos querem viver em paz! Eu quero viver num mundo em paz!

 Hi!! Welcome to another fabulous Looks of the Week post! This is a fashion blog, but no one can remain indifferent to the images that come to us from Ukraine, given what happened in the town of Bucha and the massacre of defenseless and innocent civilians, fashion matters little! But if, through fashion, I can make my voice reach the whole world, in order to appeal for peace between peoples, then this blog and fashion make sense to me! I am shocked and horrified by what I saw! No one can remain indifferent to barbarism, it could be us, life can't have so little value for these madmen who make war! The world, people, children, the elderly want to live in peace! I want to live in a world in peace!






  Então, digam-me lá qual é o vosso look preferido? Qual o dia da semana que preferem? 

So, tell me what is your favorite look? What day of the week do you prefer?








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  1. Lindo como nasce e vive uma resplandecente FLOR perante a guarda de uma grande árvore.
    Um Sábado feliz … Cumprimentos poéticos
    Pensamentos e Devaneios Poéticos

  2. So pretty in white! Love that white jumpsuit! Wonderful in green too! Happy Weekend ❤️

  3. Fico hesitante entre segunda e sexta!
    Bom fim-de-semana Marisa

  4. Já nem posso ouvir notícias! :((
    Os looks são muito bonitos!
    Preciso de sair desta solidão que dói

    Beijos. Bom fim de semana.

  5. As always, it is hard to decide which look is my favourite one because they are all incredibly beautiful and stylish, so I'll just write what my favourite thing is about each. What I like the most about your Monday outfit is how you created a cohesive light monochrome look. The bag you have chosen is the perfect accessory, a darker one for example wouldn't be such a great match for this outfit.
    The second outfit is adorable and very feminine. My favourite item in it is the sweater with statement details- and naturally it is a wonderful pairing for the skirt. What I like the most about the third outfit are the fun colours. That bright green blazer is a great match with the bright red dress. The fourth outfit is simply perfect for the spring, I love how you wear lighter monochrome looks. The fifth outfit looks very business like and professional but fashion forward at the same time. The double breast blazer and the wide tartan pants are a great pairing. I also love the green colour palette you used. Green is the colour of spring and rebirth. Let's hope this spring brings peace. You look great in all of these outfits.

  6. I concur with your sentiments completely.
    On the fashion front,
    all five of the outfits you styled and modelled above look attractive!
    My favourite out of all these pretty looks is the Tuesday OOTD featuring the puffy shouldered blouse,
    gold sequinned skirt, gold nailpolish, gold purse, gold rimmed sunglasses and gold jewellery.
    I also love the look of the fabric, the sleeves and the lace trim of the shirt-dress you styled in the Thursday outfit of the day.
    Fabulous fashion!

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  7. Gostei muito dos looks de segunda e de sexta :)

  8. Thursday is favorite for this week:) Happy weekend Marisa:)

  9. Oh, como sempre tens aí conjuntos bastante bonitos, como não gostar
    Novo post
    Tem Post Novos Diariamente

  10. Me gusta el look del viernes muy elegante. Te mando un beso.

  11. wish peace for Ukraine soon...

    Beautiful dresses as usual... have a great weekend

  12. Boa tarde Marisa. Espero que essa guerra termine logo. Bom início de semana.

  13. Nice looks, like always
    Have a amazing week! ♥

  14. Beautiful outfits Marisa! First is my favorite! :)
    I also hope these pointless wars will end, I understand you completely <3

    🌸 Kiara Era BLOG 🌸

    Kiara Era

  15. Segunda e sexta, gosto muito.
    Boa semana

  16. Looks perfeitos!!


  17. Waaau, amei esse look todo branco, bem a minha cara.
    Acho muito chique.
    Parabéns pelos lindos Looks.


  18. Adorei os looks! Parabéns!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está de volta com muitos posts e novidades! Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia


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