The Looks of the Week #119

Olá, bem-vindos a mais um fabuloso post dos Looks da Semana! Peço desculpa por só vos apresentar 5 looks, era minha intenção apresentar mais, mas o que aconteceu é que tive uma semana muito preenchida e não consegui atingir o meu objectivo. Sei que também estou em falta com os vossos blogs, mas durante o fim de semana espero actualizar essa tarefa. Mas, também sejamos sinceras, agora anda tudo doido com o Europeu de Futebol, tudo a torcer pelas suas selecções, parece que anda tudo doido! Espero que ganhe a melhor! Portugal porque não ehehhehe!! Boa sorte para todos é meu desejo! E, que seja um espectáculo onde o fair-play domine! Agora vamos aos looks, qual é que merece o título do Europeu??? Digam-me nos comentários!

 Hello, welcome to another fabulous Looks of the Week post! I apologise for only presenting you with 5 looks, I had intended to present more, but what happened was that I had a very busy week and I didn't manage to achieve my goal. I realise that I'm not up to date with your blogs either, but over the weekend I hope to catch up. But let's also be honest, everything is crazy right now with the European Football Championship, everyone is rooting for their national teams, it seems like everything is crazy! I hope the best team wins! Portugal, why not? I wish you all the best of luck! And may it be a spectacle where fair play dominates! Now to the looks, which one deserves the European title??? Let me know in the comments!







Então, digam-me lá qual é o vosso look preferido? Qual o dia da semana que preferem?

So, tell me what is your favorite look? What day of the week do you prefer?







30 comentários

  1. You look great, thanks for your sharing...

  2. Such a great summer look on Tuesday! I wish I had those black sandals. Although, I seldom wear sandals. Lovely green out fit. Oh, you have rocked the week! In spite of all that crazy footballing going on!💕🌸🌈🍧🍓💛💕 Thanks for your comments. Oh, a heat wave is coming and our AC is not exactly well. Hopefully, we will manage. Meanwhile, my weekend at the library. I suspect it could be busy with the Children's Summer Reading Program. On top of two co-workers have found better jobs, so they have left the building. Sometimes, working at circulation is a lot like being a bartender. I hear a lot of stories. Happy Weekend! I hope you make the most of it. Thanks for being here.

    1. So I know how you get inspired to create your stories and dialogues with your characters! This weekend is also forecast to be very hot! I'd also like to thank you for all your comments and the positive energy you send my way, I can't tell you how much good they do me! Hugs!

  3. I love the first outfit the most. It has such a cute retro vibe I really like. I used to dress myself in the 70s styles when I was in highschool. :) And not only then. I still like the style (and I still have some original things from back in the 70s (from mom).
    Today is really really hot. I mean.. almost 40🥵.
    Hugs :*

    1. This weekend according to the forecast it's going to be very hot, 40ºC is predicted, that's too hot! As for the look you liked best, it's really beautiful, it's my favourite too! I felt like a princess wearing it! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  4. You are so beautiful. I love the look.


  5. Every single outfit is beautiful. I love the bag you wear with your white outfit.
    Happy Weekend Marisa

  6. Todos lindos e super elegantes, mas o meu preferido foi o de terça.

  7. Me gusta el atuendo del jueves. Te mando un beso.

  8. I love the looks you've shared! It's a busy time with the European Football Championship, but your outfits still shine. Good luck to all the teams, and let's enjoy the games with fair play. Go Portugal!

    1. Thank you for supporting Portugal and me too eheheh! Fair play always!

  9. Lovely looks, all of them, as I already stated on Instagram and don’t worry, we understand the rush, beeing busy and everything. Even if there are only 5, I have really problems in choosing one as champion. Tuesday is the most daring but for some reason, I prefer thursday. As for the winner of the football championship, it is still early to make prognostics 😉

    1. Thursday's is by far the most stylish look, you made a great choice! You're right, it's still too early to tell who's going to win! Thanks for your comment! Hugs!

  10. Vou ficar com o primeiro, o look do domingo.
    Adorei este vestidinho! Estou por fora de competições de futebol.
    Beijos nas bochechas! (●'◡'●)

    1. E fica muito bem, porque este look é maravilhoso! beijinhos!

  11. You look fabulous in every single outfit!
    It's hard to choose a favourite.

    Happy Monday, Marisa!

  12. Um look mais incrível e marcante que o outro!

    É o que mais quero e desejo. Que tenha uma excelente semana!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está no ar cheio de posts novos e novidades! Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia


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